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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 30, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> let's take a look outside today. >> starting off mostly cloudy. pretty dry on live doppler 7. let's show you what it looks like in san rafael. not a lot of fog to talk about either. what you will see is a day not quite as warm as it should be. we're 47 to about 53 at 7:00. you can see we stayed in the 50s while we hit the mid-60s. we warm with that extra sunshine it will be breezier today. all right. 7:00, temperatures are nearing the 50s. grab a jacket. >> not too much to worry about. we have had a quiet start here, so no complaints, we are starting to see our typical areas fill in as you expect into the 6:00 hour. one is westbound 92. we are definitely starting to see a lot of brake lights. no blocking incidents.
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eastbound side nice and light and a quick check on some drive times this morning tracy to dublin. 57 minutes in the red. we had an early morning crash westbound 4. san rafael to san francisco, in the green in 17 minutes. >> thank you. will facebook get a thumbs up? the two-day essay event kicks off today in san jose. >> ceo mark zuckerberg is live with what he is expected to talk about. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, guys. as you said, mark zuckerberg i set to speak at 10:00 a.m. many experts say given the problems over security and privacy facebook has faced over the past few years, zuckerberg will be forced to address the
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topic of privacy. but he hasn't been specific on what he will talk about. he did say the company is exited to six issues related to privacy. interaction. here's the question, can they deliver? the silicon giant depends on people openly showing information which can be used by advertisers. while the company will not share private could hurt facebook's business model. in his note, zuckerberg didn't address how long it will make these changes zuckerberg says facebook shows they can evolve. coming up at 10:00, reporting live, abc 7 news. >> anser, thank you. in the east bay, they are
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demanding answers after a loved one was killed in a shooting spree that killed three lives. the man was captured in nevada, stephon jefferson apologized yesterd yesterday. >> i apologize to the city. with the fiasco involving me. >> jefferson is also accused of shooting a deputy sheriff in south lake tahoe friday. the family of calvin kelly says no apology is enough. kelly died after being shot in berkeley's people's park. >> so why him? why would you just come up to him and shoot him like this? why? i wants to know why. who can tell me why? you know, it's senseless. >> investigators believe jefferson killed laron davis and marcus jackson in oakland. >> the man accused of shooting
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four people in a synagogue is due in court today, police say he killed one person and hurt three others at the chabad of poway synagogue in saturday. it happened on saturday. yesterday his parents issued a statement saying the attack makes him part of the history of evil perpetrated on jewish people for centuries. governor gavin newsom is devoting more to the budget to prevent hate crimes. he says in the wake of the shooting, he will set aside $15 million for faith based security. it will be available to other at-rick groups, including the lbgt community. hey guys, coming in, netflix says it has secured the rights to make a mini series about the dramatic rescue of a soccer team and coach from a cave in title.
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you will remember last year. it has universal themes and all the boys in the cave and their coach were rescued after being stuck there for 18 days in june and judgment last year netflix says thailand is a very important market for the company and of course people watch that rescue from around the world. no doubt we will enjoy that mini series. a ten-moint point action plan. >> here's a look at the golden gate bridge. the winds are blowing faster than yesterday, the rest of us. slowly sliding below average, the c
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you protect them at home. we help protect them online. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. here's a look at the temperatures in san francisco. we're around 53 to 54 degrees, 55 in ocean beach for the warm spots. you can see low- to mid-50s just about everywhere, hillsborough 49 degrees, the cool spot. you can see the flags unfurl. the trees are swaying, a stiff sea breeze, hazy, comfy,
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temperatures mainly in the 60s it will be breezy into the delta, mainly great the peninsula, in the 50s, low 60s the rest of the afternoon mid-60s towards noon, upper 60s this afternoon, san jose, maybe a little more sunshine for you this afternoon. enjoy, here's alexis. >> good morning, mike we had a crash, southbound 101 past pet will you ma boulevard, i'm seeing a slight delay. have you your typical backup through the state route 116 interchange only issue, san francisco, bart line, sfo, daily city direction, due to a problem on a rain.
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>> abc 7 news is committed to building up a better ter ter te >> spufrs matt haney, includes more steam lining and locks for water bins. more public toilts called pit stops, the department of public works will spend more than $70 million. >> they are done installing filters in schools. the district has ben working with flow water to install new water found tapes, fountains filter out contaminants like lead and chromium 6. they can refill water bottles. senator bernie sanders is set to speak in a few minutes, jessica is tracking that coming
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put it in gear and take off., next thing you know, the phone is in your hand! stop! we should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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put it in gear and take off., next thing you know, the phone is in your hand! stop! we should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california. . we're getting a new look at this, the roof at notre dame cathedral is now secured. this is new drone video from french police, showing you a new protective structure that's up. a fire destroyed part of the paris landmark two weeks ago.
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police believe it started on the roof possibly with a problem with the fire alarm sensors, or the elevator build for construction workers. at least $1 billion has poured in to help rebuild. the french president believes it can be done in five years. more than 3500 people showed up at grace cathedral. >> there is for our concert if solidarity with paris. they are really good. the concerts were placed last night. musicians from the san francisco symphony and opera were there as well as an organist from notre dame. >> i was performing a mass when the first alarm ran in the cathedral. as you can imagine, it's very touching to see so many people around the world, especially here in the united states touched by the catastrophe.
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>> that organist evacuated the day of the fire and happens not been in since. he arrived to play at the concert last night. >> hey there, here is a live desk. the people's wave is happening. bernie sanders is about to speak any moment now i do want to note, seconds ago, right before you came to me, silicon congressman was speaking with me on stage. he spokes e spoke about making college more affordable. there is about a thousand impeachment across the country gathered there today. they are focusing on an agenda. again, bernie sanders about to speak any moment now. as soon as he arrives, i will
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let you know on social media, i will let you know here at the live desk, back to you. don't be surprised if you see something different on top of a new salesforce tower. >> it is student's art. you might see physician, other things, sometimes it shows neon colors even. a recent message threw some people for a loop. a live look at the tower now, according to examiner, over the weekend, it displayed red, the video cannot play, not. literally, cannot, not. a lot of people thought it was a mistake, a spokesperson thought it was art. you will see more art. is it a mistake or art? the age old question? >> okay. the eyes of the beholder. >> absolutely, mike. >> i love modern art. the video cannot play, not. >> it cannot play, not. >> they can do better. >> let's take a look at peer
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you can run into that faster sea breeze, it will temper the sun shine with cooler temperatures. it gets into the 80s, mother nature brings us a slight chance of showers sunday. there is a quick look at the time cover. you can see the time frame. we're all clear by find and then a little cloud cover at the coast during the afternoon hours. let's see what it does to our temperatures, inland, we will be in the 70s, barely, upper 60s to low 70s, mid- to upper-60s around the bay, san francisco down to about santa cruz, going to the game this evening, 6:45, an early start, let's take another one from the dodgers, shall we? 57 dropping to a chilly 54. i know you will be inside, going to the game, it will be in the mid-60s at oracle arena, leaving
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after the game, it will be 66 degrees tonight will be a coolest night. the clouds won't be as extensive as this morning. now we'll rebound nicely tomorrow back in the 60s and 70s. lex lexus. >> we have one new issue in the east bay, southbound 880. we got a disabled vehicle. chp is causing a backup. you can use eastbound 5 y. delays if you are driving in either direction. highway creek 13, the green at 9 and westbound 3580, tracy, into
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dublin, not terrible. it is in the red. >> good morning good morning coming up at 7:00 right here. report. r. >> reporter: hi, so nice to be with both of you this morning coming up right here on gma, we have disturbing new details on that alleged terror plot thwarted in time. what his brother is now saying and how the fbi stopped him they sit down and walk around with robin. why he thinks he can beat president trump and his message for anita hill. a sunscreen alert. the new list is out from consumer reports this morning. we'll have the top picks, not just for your skin and the environment as well, it's april 30th.
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you know what that means? it's getting better as i go through the morning. this morning we are celebrating with lance bass. he is here live. >> i thought it was going to be great. >> he didn't intend to stay may, that's the whole problem. we are still talking about it. we look forward to it as it goes along. a new tv that turns vertically, why samsung says we need to price this product. >> we have a picture of little
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. partly cloudy 55. no delays announced yet. let's take a look at the tree pollen. it will be high once again, once we get that sunshine, burn time about 20, 25 minutes today. >> good to know, thank you, mike. we have an update on puppies found in a dumpster. the animal director says they
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are healthy and take a look, they've opened their eyes. six of the seven puppies found in riverside county survived. a woman in coachella is facing animal cruelty charges in this case. the panda habitat at the san diego zoo is officially closed. the two remaining pandas will be returned from china. they were on loan as a part of a program to boost the country's giant panda population. a third panda went back in okay. the other two were supposed to leave on saturday. but the zoo extended that by two more days because of support from patrons. here at nbc news, we are committed to building a better bay area. focusing on issues like the environment. they recognize six people who have gone above and beyond to protect the earth. ♪ in a world so divided ♪ we shall overcome >> bay area native michael
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granti was at the school for the arts. this year's winners include linda garcia for her work to stop an oil construction. and alfred brownau to stop palmetto oil plantations in siberi siberia. >> don't clap, act. the other winners hail from among gol la, macedonia and chile. we have the profiles at we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area, share them on facebook. coming up, medicare for all, the push happening in washington, d.c. today. the ghostship warehouse trial begins, amy hollyfield breaking down what we can expect in court today. >> the home that survived the earthquake, the house built more than 100 years ago. >> take a look at this.
6:26 am
this is happening live right now in cleveland, ohio, not something you have to worry about, definitely a complicated operation here. a dump truck hit a pedestrian overpass, crews are on the scene trying to figure out how to dislodge this and reopen the roadway. i'll have a look coming up after the break. >> that is bizarre to see.
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the ghost ship trial is set to start today in oakland. do the defendants plan to take the stand? we'll have that story coming up next. also, robert roberts sits -- robin roberts sit down with joe and jill biden, the motto he revealed in that exclusive. the upgrade coming to your smart device. good morning, welcome to this tuesday, april 30th. >> let's see what the weather is like as you head out the door? >> an early preview. technically we got it out there. look at the wind blowing straight into the central valley. here's the cloud cover. a little mist along the coast, possibly the golden gate bridge. here's a look where the wind, further proof, we have stout sea breeze, it's a dry cold front making it mostly cloudy this morning. quicker sunshine, it will be tempered by the cooler air behind that dry cold front.
6:30 am
49 and 54. elsewhere the mid-60s at noon, again at 4:00. we hit the upper 60s to low 70s grab a jacket overall, it's been quiet. i have good news in the east bay. southbound 880 before 23rd avenue. we have a disabled vehicle. >> that backup is starting to unwind, southbound 880 or eastbound 580, either choice, we'll be just fine. for now, though, you will have to ride those brakes. happening today, opening statements are expected more than two years. >> the jury of women was sworn
6:31 am
in. amy. >> reporter: reggie it took two weeks. they say the nine women and make up the ghost ship warehouse in oakland. people lived there, the night of the fire, there was a concert on the second floor. the city of oakland and the landlord are to blame, that they should have done more to make the building safe. >> no one came in and inspected and told him it was a fire hazard. no one told him you have to repair this or add this or you will be evicted. >> 36 people died during that fire. their relatives and loved ones
6:32 am
have spoken out during the court process so far, some of the testimony was so emotional, the judge tossed out a plea deal, the defendants and the prosecution have agreed upon, so now here we are. they say he will take the stand in his own defense. the tile is expected to last for several months. >> now a live desk update. >> new this morning, we are hearing from the brother, an army veteran. mark domingo was arrested in long beach friday night, where he was planning to detonate two phony pressure cooker bombs at a rally, they were made by an accomplice. he was really an under cover fbi agent. his brother says he converted to sunni islam about a year ago.
6:33 am
>> he purchased 3-inch long nails to be used in ieds to be shrapnel because they were long enough to puncture internal organs. >> investigators say domingo became a radicalized muslim. he viewed his planned attack as retribution for the mosque attack in new zealand, if convicted, he faces up to 15 years in program prison. >> thank you. 6:33 now, new this morning, joe biden and his wife jill biden sat down with robin roberts from gma since announcing his presidential bid. biden revealed his motto is make america moral again. he wants to end division. the former vice president addressed accusations that he behaved inappropriately towards women in the past. >> its my responsibility to be more sensitive to whether or not someone wants me to reassure them or wants to say hello or
6:34 am
wants to show affection and that's my responsibility. >> going forward i think he's going to have to judge, be a better judge of when people approach him how he's going to react. >> the bidens will be campaigning in iowa today. you can watch more on good morning america at 7:00 right after abc 7 morning,. happening today, house democrats will hold the first capital hearing focusing on medicare for all legislation this comes as progressives are pushing to make universal healthcare a key policy issue in next year's presidential election. two democrats have authored a bill that would not require patients to pay for any medical expenses, more than 100 other democrats have signed on to co-sponsor that bill. president trump's administration is promoting a study that called for long-material detention of migrant families. it issues emergency legislation to allow long-term detention for
6:35 am
those families. it urges reaching an agreement with plaxico to have long-term asylum seekers while their cases go through the u.s. courts, they are proposing to process asylum applications. 6:35 now, living in your car or rv in san francisco could soon be illegal. they head for final approval to the board of supervisors today. according to chronicle, the program would create a quote triage center. people would be able to park their car or rv overnight and having a says to showers and bathrooms. it will provide services to help people find other options. once approved, the city will have to provide a site for the program in the next three months. muni chief ed riskin is stepping down. he announced it after a subway meltdown left thousands of muni
6:36 am
riders stopped. his announcement coincided with a call for a national search to find a new director. he says the city needs a visionary leader who will restore trust in the transit system. a heavy coat, light coat? let's see. we got low- to mid-50s on both side of the peninsula. pretty much low- to mid-50s, 67, same thing at concord, you are at 47, 50 at san rafael and santa rosa, cloudy, it gets hazy as you head off towards the peninsula, it looks dry, away from the coast. we've had mists, pretty comfortable this afternoon. the ferry right will definitely be breezy from the delta and san francisco and oakland this afternoon and this morning. north bay, let's take a look. you are in and out of cloud cover, sunshine, into the 50s until 10:00.
6:37 am
upper 60s during the afternoon hours, dropping to 58 this evening. east bay, a little more bell shape there. upper 50s through 10:00. low- to mid-60s from noon until 6:00. 57 at 8:00. it will be chilly when you come out of the warriors game. i will have that soon. san francisco, pretty much mid- to upper-50s, all day with a little more sunshine than yesterday and a lot breezier near the coast and as you head places like the marina. all right. we'll take look at a chance of rain sunday. don't cancel any plans just yet. first one to bring alexis in here. overall not too bad today. still hot spots. >> it feels too good to be true, hopefully, we can hang on to this. we have one problem on the peninsula, northbound 101 near poplar avenue. it sounds like we have a multi-car collision, blocking one, possibly two lanes. traffic is stop and go. so i will keep an eye on that situation. i have two mass transit notes to
6:38 am
pass along, bart's san francisco line now has a ten-minute delay in all directions, that's due to an equipment problem on a plane, the san francisco bay ferry, we got word the harbor bay, 7:00 a.m. trip, will not happen. so the next strip u trip will be at 7:30, you can bet that one will be packed. definitely get there early. we have if you developments in the saga of san francisco's central subway. its projected opening has been pushed back until next year. the examiner reports muni told federal transit officials in a progress report the central subway will likely open in february of 2020. the original plans called for the central subway to open last year. mun fiblames delays on the project another contractor. >> more delays, thank you. alexa will soon be able to speak spanish here in the united states, amazon launched a new
6:39 am
voice mid-el. in a few months, it plans on ono lending support to devices. more than 48 million americans speaks spanish and developers can write skills in spain and mexico. millions watch sunday's "game of thrones" episode, it held a record. the 82 minute episode titled the long knight delivered more than 7.8 million tweets. >> that is the most ever for a scripted tv show. early estimates show 17 million viewers watch "game of thrones." that includes people streaming the shows. >> kind of dodge those spoilers. hard. it is hard. coming up, the facebook development conference is here. so are big questions about the company's future. mark zuckerberg is expected to address today. >> a live report. another update on how the markets are doing coming up. also, targeting millennial home buyers.
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7:00. we will have mid-50s and 60s. jackets needed at 11:00. mid-50s to mid-60s by 3:00. definitely cooler than average. look at the rain and snow. east of reading and mount shasta, so possible rain showers. we have showers around los angeles and san diego. look at those, mid-60s there. 63 increasing sunshine, monterey and eureka another sunny spot at 61. we'll have more showers and a better chance of them saturday and sunday, temperatures mid-50s to upper 60s. >> breaking news, there is a military coup happening right now in venezuela. >> this just got brought to our attention from the live desk. what's happening now? >> as i walked over here, there were people taking to the streets throughout the morning. the opposition leader and interim president juan guide has called for
6:44 am
for a coup. he called for military and also supporters to take to the streets. so we have been seeing both sides protesting and here is a live look right now and you can see all those people out there, some holding flags. we have seen throughout the morning shots being fired as well, military tanks out on the streets, obviously, the concern right now is that this thing could be pure chaos or even deadly. during the last hour, i mentioned the president nicholas maduro has shut down public transportation. you see people walking and you see a little chaos right now. i am watching the live feeds throughout the morning for you. right now the u.s. and venezuela, guys, as of january, we had cut diplomatic ties. we have a long history of not getting along with venezuela, secretary of state mike pompeo
6:45 am
earlier this morning saying the u.s. supports guaido, that has been the case in the past. about 50 countries are also supporting guaido. we will see if the chaos continues and how the coup turns out. there have been attempted cues in venezuela before, the u.s. has supported those when chavez was in office, bush years as well. we will watch this throughout the morning and on in the east bay, a man accused of a car jack into a pre school his children attend is expected to make his first court appearance. we traveled above 86th avenue last thursday. alameda prosecutors claim jonathan garcia smashed into the building several times, a pre school employee was hurt. witnesses say she warned others at the school of what was happening and possibly prevented more injuries. it has been a brutal year in
6:46 am
the headlines for mark zuckerberg, today could be his chance to reclaim the narrative. >> and what some call a must see presentation, they take another stab at privacy during the f8 conference. anser hassan is live in san jose. anser. >> reporter: yeah. good morning, guys, mark zuckerberg says he wants to change social media. for users, privacy will be a big part of that. many say zuckerberg must address the issue of privacy in his keynote address, especially as the social media giant comes off years of privacy and security scandals and faces billions in fines from the fcc and european regulators, he offered huge specifics about what he will say. he has been talking about a few vision, which includes more encrypted messages as a part of the shift toward greater privacy. even if users have more communication, it doesn't mean less data collection.
6:47 am
facebook's multi-billion advertising strategy, as we all know, depends on people giving out personal information for targeted ads. but there are big hurdles when crypted messages, such as police and propaganda and hate speech. facebook says they've seen a decline in users and have over a billion people that log on at least once a month. you will hear from the man himself, reporting in san jose, abc 7 news. >> thank you. now your morning money report. the co-opting company we work confidentially filed. >> we work's revenue shows it more than doubled last year to $1.8 billion. the company appears to keep pleading cash as well and reported more than $1.9 billion in losses. we work currently operates shared work spaces in 120 cities across 27 countries.
6:48 am
we are looking at the new york stock exchange, down flat, down 5 points as trading gets under way, we'll keep on top of it. marriott wants a piece of the airbnb business. they will be taking reservations for rental homes and 100 markets in the u.s., europe and latin america. it's targeting families and groups, prices range from $200 bucks a night to $10,000 for a full scottish chasm. so do you want there? samsung is coming out with a new tv that will let you pivot the screen vertically and in full screen. the 43-inch set is debuting if south korea right now. it costs about $16,000. samsung hasn't said if it plans to sell vertical tvs in the u.s. yet. $15,000? >> we don't need it. we sim mr. i don't feed it. >> i'm deciding right now, no, not needed. happening in the south bay, hewlett packard will celebrate the grand opening of the
6:49 am
headquarters. >> the information technology company, will house more than a thousand workers. the mayor will be there. google committed to building affordable housing as a part of the san jose station and sap center. their plan centers on the site at west santa clara street. many housing advocates express fears google's project would gentrify the area. they say one group said it is quote cautiously optimistic about google's intentions. one of san francisco's most expensive homes has hit the market. the le petite -- was inspired by the palace of versailles. the presidia heights home is a national historic landmark, built from 1902 to 1904. >> you got this.
6:50 am
>> which means it survived a 1906 quake. >> still english. >> is it? the nearly 18,000 square foot home has 20 rooms, including nine bedrooms, seven-and-a-half bathrooms. the listing price is only $30 million. >> what a steal. >> what a steal. >> if you have to ask you literally cannot afford it. >> the suite, par le view france. people in canada can get a year's free of avocado toast. >> the condos cost $300,000 for a one bedroom unit and $480,000 for a three bedroom complex. after buying their home, they will get a gift card to include enough money for 52 orders of after ka do total one for every week of a year. card holders can substitute their toast for another breakfast choice. how about money? >> give me a discount.
6:51 am
>> i'll match my own toast. >> if you do that, you don't get on the local newscast. >> a true story. >> you don't get that free advertising everybody covets. let's take a look at what's going on in san jose, 55 degrees. today will be mostly sunny, our coolest day followed by our coolest night. we will have a remember whating trend that will stop when a chance of showers rolls into the forecast. here's a look at the cloud cover, there is your clock at 7:00. watch how quickly it fades away, never completely clears the coast. you will see more sunshine than yesterday, high temperatures still going to be on the cool side, low- to mid-60s, san francisco halfmoon bay, many i'd to upper 60s, upper 60s to hope 70s inland, if you are going to the game, it's nice to have the dodgers break that losing streak. 6:45 an early start, first pitch 57, dropping down to a chilly 54
6:52 am
degrees, over at oracle arena, we will have temperatures in the mid-60s, 61 by game time. then 56 game two of the playoffs there, look at this with less cloud cover tomorrow morning and that dryer, cooler air mass, mid-40s, to 50. here's my 7-day forecast. nice rebound, albeit breezy, calmer, warmer, we reach the mid-70s to low 80s, back in the 60s and 70s, our coolest day will be sunday with that chance of rain. >> good morning, mike. we have one new crash in the central valley, that is looking a lot tougher due to a collision westbound 3580 past grant line road. sounds like we have a bike down. possible injuries, emergency cruise headed to the scene right now. we have our crash on the peninsula, northbound 101 near poplar avenue, the two left lanes are blocked. we confirmed that with chp. >> that is causing a delay beyond the 92 interchange at
6:53 am
this point. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, we are thinning out in the cash lanes, seeing those typical delays, if you use fast track and the right side as well. it looks like our car pool lanes are moving along without issues. president trump will meet with capitol hill top two democrats at the white house today. house speaker nancy pelosi and senate majority leader chuck schumer will talk about the crumbling infrastructure, this marks the first meeting between mr. trump and top democrats since december. you probably remember their meeting turned into a showdown. it was all caught on camera. democrats say lit cost $1 trillion to fix our bridges, waterway systems, republicans want to spend a lot less. it should be interesting. >> super important. right? >> it affects everybody. >> absolutely. so those three have had beef in the past. have you heard about the tennis versus pickleball beef? >> this is really.
6:54 am
>> what a story. building a better bay area sometimes involves considering compromise, so palo alto seniors and kids are relishing in the game of pickleball. pickleball enthusiast versus spent two years pushing for permanent courts at the park. tennis players have pushed back. i don't know where this is going. but the city's parks and rec commission unanimously backed the plan. a compromise to accommodate all athletes. >> we scaled it back. we're just converting the one tennis court to pickleball and then building two new courts. it fosters a sense of community, especially to the senior population, some of whom may not have interaction with anyone else during the day. >> that one tennis court should fit four designated pickleball courts with permanent nets and everything. if approved, construction should start in august and be done if october. you know what that was? >> what was that? >> the universe telling us that story is cursed and to never do
6:55 am
it again. let's do this story, the warriors hope to go up two games to upon the. >> a real sport. another intense matchup after sunday night's close loss. it was revealed that compiling a list of fouls that the team says were not called by the refs during last year also game seven loss. the team communicated that information to nba officials. it documents 81 apparent missed calls. houston says that cost them the championship. tip-off at oracle is at ♪ ♪ they're the moderne stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration,
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it is 6:58. here are the seven things you want to know. the ghost ship trial. number two from our live desk. we are watching a military coup happening in venezuela in the last hour. secretary of state mike pompeo announcing the u.s. is backing the opposition leader in his effort to overthrow the country's current president. number three, former vice president and president istial candidate joe biden and dr. jill biden are sitting down with robin roberts. see the wide ranging interview on abc 7.
6:59 am
>> number four, facebook founder mark zuckerberg will give a keynote address, he may mention some of the major issues confronting facebook. number five, there is more this morning, a little milder, upper 40s. number six, ther we know we have a crash involving a motorcycle in a bad spot here. westbound 580 past grant line road. the left lane is blocked. it sounds like that rider may have injuries. chp down to 7 miles an hour approaching that scene. number 7, the story so many of us are talking about this morning. a beluga whale wearing a nash es, authorities are saying they think it's been trained by the russian mill thater to guard naval bases. . >> what did you say it was?
7:00 am
a beluga whale is with a harness around it? >> i think it's a mermaid horse. you know? less likely than being a russian spy? >> good morning, america. disturbing new details. the terror plot stopped just in time. this morning, an army vet in custody accused of plotting a mass casualty attack in california, targeting the popular santa monica pier. police officers and jewish people. now what the suspect's brother is revealing and how the fbi stopped him just in time. this as new video emerges of a abu bakr al baghdadi alive after rumors of his death for the last five years. he now promises the terror group will keep fighting. also this morning, the severe storm threat right now. texas to illinois bracing for flooding, tornados, even


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